Quick & Easy Name Changes

Attorney Patrick Toscano Can Help You With Your Name Change

There are several reasons an individual might need to legally change their name. In Texas, some of the accepted circumstances for obtaining a name change include:

  • recently married spouses who want to share the same last name
  • an adopted child who wishes to share their adoptive family’s surname
  • a name that is difficult to spell or has been misspelled in identification documents
  • transgender people who are in the process of changing their name or gender
  • names that are associated with an abusive relative or an infamous criminal
  • a person who has been a victim of identity theft or other crimes

If you or your child fall under these categories or believe a name change would be in your best interest, Patrick Toscano can assist you with submitting a petition to change your name and walk you through the remainder of the process.

Obtain a Legal Name Change in San Antonio, Texas

If you need to update your name or your child’s name, Patrick Toscano will guide you through the process of legally changing your name. Send Mr. Toscano a message using our online form or contact him on his office at 210-951-0696


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