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A car crash is a traumatic experience. Apart from the physical damage, there are usually emotional and financial impacts that can affect a person for years. In some cases there is more than one person liable. For example, if a commercial truck driver causes a crash, both the driver of the truck and his or her employer may be liable to pay damages. Passengers in a vehicle may file a claim against the driver of a vehicle involved in a wreck even if the passenger was riding with the person at fault for causing the collision.

In the event that poorly maintained roads played a role in a crash, the government agency responsible for maintaining it could be a defendant in your case. The same is true of the manufacturer of a defective product that caused an accident or otherwise didn’t work as designed. For example, a manufacturer could be liable if the brakes failed to stop the automobile or if an airbag failed to deploy.

What Types of Compensation May be Available to You?

current medical and therapy expenses

future medical and therapy expenses

recoup lost wages

recoup lost future wages

vehicle damage

punitive damages

personal injury claim

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Deal With Insurance Companies

One of the first things that you may deal with after your accident is constant calls from insurance companies. Your own insurer may call to learn more about the details of the crash and to ask for a statement. Insurance companies representing the parties responsible for the crash may try to settle with you as soon as possible.

While a quick settlement may sound tempting, the insurance companies are not doing this to be nice. Instead, they are doing it to make the matter go away as quickly as possible and for as little as possible. The Patrick Toscano Law Firm will make sure that you don’t agree to a settlement that isn’t in your best interests.


What we do

Our car accident lawyer will also take steps to help gather evidence in your case. This may be physical evidence from the scene of the crash, witness statements or medical records related to the case. If necessary, our San Antonio legal counsel may be able to interview witnesses or other relevant parties on your behalf. 


I was involved in a rear ended collision and I injured my neck and lower back. I called Patrick to get advice on what I should do about my truck damage. He was awesome! He contacted the insurance carrier of the other vehicle to start the repairs. They provided a rental truck until all the repairs where completed. I did suffer back and neck injuries which required surgery. Patrick contacted several specialists to find the best treatment for my injuries. Patrick then sued the trucking company as my medical bills piled up. He was relentless as he negotiated with various adjusters and defense attorneys. My case was resolved and a great settlement was reached. Patrick’s staff was very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend Patrick Tescano Law Firm

Edward Corral

I was hesitant to contact a lawyer about being rear ended in a vehicle accident. I reached out to the Toscano Law Firm for some advice. I was immediately put in contact with Patrick. We discussed my case in which Patrick advised me that I needed to seek medical attention for my injury. Patrick’s team took care of the rest! I made it to all my rehab appointments and now I’m back to 100%! In addition to providing excellent customer service Patrick fought for more compensation for me and my family than I expected from the insurance company. I will never hesitate again if put in the same situation. I was so pleased with the experience I have referred several coworkers to Patrick. If needed I will always go back to the Patrick Toscano Law Firm.

Ryan Arevalos

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