As a general rule, a motorcycle rider is more vulnerable to being seriously injured or killed in an accident compared to someone in a vehicle. This is largely because there are no airbags or other safety equipment to help a motorcyclist.

How Can Motorcycle Riders Reduce Their Risk of Getting Hurt?

The easiest way to avoid getting hurt in a motorcycle accident is to avoid getting into an accident at all. Riders should make themselves and their bikes visible to other drivers by using reflective tape on their jackets, helmets or to the bike itself.

Practice Defensive Riding

When you are in a vehicle, you will ideally practice what it is known as defensive driving. This means that you assume that other drivers will make mistakes and defend against them ahead of time. When you ride, you should assume that those in passenger vehicles can’t see you or will take other dangerous actions like turning left in front of your bike. This may get you into the habit of driving slowly and always looking for signs of danger while on the road.

Texas Riders Aren’t Required to Wear a Helmet

In the state of Texas, those who are over the age of 21, covered by an applicable health insurance plan and have completed a safety course don’t have to wear a helmet. Therefore, you may be entitled to compensation regardless of what you were wearing prior to an accident. However, it may be smart to have one on as 51 percent of motorcycle fatalities in Texas in 2011 involved riders who were not wearing a helmet. This was according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Talk to a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Attorney After a Crash


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It is possible to experience neck, back or head injuries after a motorcycle crash. These injuries may take months or years to properly heal, and they could have a long-term impact on your life. It may be necessary to spend many months in the hospital recovering, and you may not be able to work for months after the injury if you do return to work at all.

Talking to Patrick Toscano, San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer, may make it easier to preserve your right to take legal action after an accident. In the state of Texas, you generally have two years to file a lawsuit in a personal injury case. The statute of limitations typically starts when you know about the injury and have an idea of what caused it. It is important to know that even if you file a lawsuit, it is still possible to settle out of court.

Riding a motorcycle can be a fun and exciting activity. However, it can also be dangerous if you are involved in an accident. While money may not negate the pain and impact to your life an accident may bring, it may help you pay for rehab or other costs incurred. If your loved one passes away in an accident, your family may be able to maintain their standard of living by obtaining compensation in a wrongful death suit.