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A semi-truck in the U.S. can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. With a vehicle so large and heavy, it’s clear why the average car or SUV is no match against it during a collision. A truck accident can cause major damages to the passenger vehicle, driver, and passengers, leading to immediate expenses and a long, painful recovery. In some cases, 18 wheeler accidents result in death.

With overwhelming consequences on the line, speak to a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible who will fight for you and your loved one’s best interests and help you on the road to recovery.

What Types of Compensation May be Available to You?

current medical and therapy expenses

future medical and therapy expenses

recoup lost wages

recoup lost future wages

vehicle damage

punitive damages

personal injury claim

 How our

Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

Investigating the circumstances of your 18 wheeler accident is critical to finding the truth in your case and discovering whether you are entitled to certain compensation(s).

Depending on the circumstances, responding agencies like the police / sheriff department will usually conduct a cursory investigation. Insurance companies may also perform their own investigations; however, their methods for collecting evidence may aim to defend themselves against a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

It is important to have someone representing you or your loved one(s) also perform an investigation with your best interests in mind. Hiring a truck accident attorney as soon as possible may help them to better help you by collecting their own evidence and independently interviewing witnesses.


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