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Considering a legal name change? San Antonio Lawyer, Patrick Toscano, can help. Call me on my office now at (210) 910-2514.

Navigating the legal process of changing your name can be frustrating and complex. Whether you’re looking to adjust your name due to marriage, adoption, or personal reasons, the bureaucratic hurdles and legal intricacies involved can often feel overwhelming.

With years of experience in facilitating name changes in Texas, Attorney Toscano is dedicated to streamlining this process for you, offering support and expertise every step of the way. We recognize the myriad reasons individuals seek name changes, from wanting to align familial names after marriage or adoption to escaping associations with difficult pasts.

Circumstances for obtaining a name change include

recently married spouses

an adopted child

difficult to spell names

Names misspelled in identification documents

transgender name change

names associated with infamous criminal

victim of identity theft or other crimes

Obtain a Legal Name Change in San Antonio, Texas

If you need to update your name or your child’s name, Patrick Toscano will guide you through the process of legally changing your name. Send Mr. Toscano a message using our online form or contact him on his office at 210-910-2080

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