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When travelers choose to fly, they trust that the aircraft and its crew will get them to their destination safely. Unfortunately, accidents can occur in the cabin, on the runway, or even in the air. While aviation disasters occasionally occur, inflight accidents are possible within a cabin on any flight. If you or a loved one has been injured in an aircraft crash or on an airplane or helicopter, you may have a personal injury claim and the right to compensation for your injuries. Our Texas-based attorneys are here to help.

What Injuries can be Sustained on a Plane?

Major Commercial Airlines

Commercial airline flights consist of cabins full of travelers and luggage packed into overhead bins with beverage carts sliding through the aisles. With people and items packed into a confined space, accidents can occur. Injuries sustained during a flight can be caused by multiple factors, including turbulence, falling luggage, sliding beverage carts, hot beverages, trip and falls. These accidents can leave passengers with burns, broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even result in death.

Injuries may also be caused during a plane crash. While crashes may occur on major commercial airlines, they more frequently happen to privately-owned aircrafts.

Charter & Private Aircrafts

While private aircrafts and their crews are also required to follow regulations, complete trainings, and receive certifications, private jets, helicopters and prop planes still experience crashes. Factors that contribute to an airplane accident range from weather to pilot error to mechanical issues with the aircraft itself. Communication errors between pilots and air traffic controllers can also cause a crash. With so many factors to consider in determining the cause of a plane crash, it’s important to perform a thorough investigation.

The Importance of an Airplane Accident Lawyer

Airplane accident lawyers understand what evidence is needed to make a case and understand how to best gather it. Determining the cause of the accident and the party or parties liable is crucial to any plane crash or airplane injury case. With the pilots, maintenance contractors, suppliers, or even the airline itself possibly being liable for the accident, injury lawyers aid a prompt, thorough investigation with technical experts to best identify the cause of accident and injuries.

Our Aircraft Injury Attorneys are Here to Help

Aircraft injuries have the potential to be severe. Severe physical injuries can be life-changing, leaving the victim unable to work and adjusting to a new way of life. For a loved one, the accident may have left them without their companion. Our San Antonio airplane injury lawyers understand the complexity of airplane injury cases and are equipped and qualified to fight for victims or their families. Contact Toscano Law Firm today to speak with our knowledgeable attorneys.

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