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Jumping on trampolines is a fun pastime for many kids. Unfortunately, trampolines can also be dangerous or even deadly. An individual, especially a child, may lose control while jumping alone or with others. A trampoline accident can result in serious injury and can even be life threatening. You may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured in a trampoline accident. San Antonio trampoline injury lawyer, Patrick Toscano, can help you.

Trampoline Accident Dangers

Most trampoline-related injuries happen to children and can cost thousands of dollars in emergency room expenses. It’s easy for a fracture or break to occur, and in addition to bruises, strains, and even concussions.

These injuries can occur due to simple precautions not being taken. There are several common factors when these incidents happen, one of which is a failure to supervise children using the trampoline. It is possible that the trampoline may not be safe for use; there may not be a net enclosure; and commonly, the springs and mats decay, rust, and weaken.

Who Is At Fault For A Trampoline Injury?

When considering who is to blame for a trampoline accident it’s important to think about how the incident occurred and who could be responsible for this. A trampoline accident can happen anytime and at any moment. Trampoline owners have a responsibility to supervise their children and other children that are using the trampoline. In addition, trampoline parks are now a popular attraction for individuals and families. The owners of these recreational trampoline facilities also have an obligation to guarantee that the trampolines themselves and the business property are safe for public use.

San Antonio Trampoline Accident Lawyer Can Help

Contact San Antonio trampoline injury lawyer, Patrick Toscano, if you or someone close to you has suffered from a trampoline injury. Mr. Toscano is ready to analyze your case, discuss your legal options, and together fight for the compensation you may be entitled to.

Our San Antonio trampoline accident attorneys at Toscano Law Firm can help you through your case. We offer a free consultation and case review for those who seek justice. A San Antonio property owner may be liable to pay for your damages. Call Patrick Toscano directly on his office at 210-951-0696!

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