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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released preliminary statistics for train – vehicle collisions in the United States for 2016. They estimate there were 2,025 train-vehicle collisions resulting in 798 injuries and 265 fatalities at highway-rail grade crossings. The statistic does not include the number of passengers or pedestrians injured or killed by train-on-train collisions or derailments. Locomotives are incredibly large, heavy vehicles that cannot be stopped quickly. Some U.S. railroads are 100 years old. Rust, cracked beams and other structural deficiencies are infrastructure issues that can and are contributing to train and railroad crossing accidents across the state of Texas. If you or a loved one were injured or killed due to a train accident, contact our San Antonio train accident attorneys at Toscano Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

The Cost of Railroad & Train Collisions

The average locomotive weighs roughly 12 million pounds while the average car is 4,000 pounds. The weight ratio is compared to that of a car to an aluminum can. While surviving a train accident is fortunate, it is not without lasting obstacles. A train crash can leave passengers or pedestrians with permanent injuries, medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and physical, mental, or emotional pain and suffering. If the train accident resulted in the loss of life of a loved one, their family can file a claim for wrongful death. Whether a passenger of a train or a passenger of a vehicle at a railroad crossing, you may be entitled to compensation after being injured in a train crash.

Determining the Cause & Liability of Your Train Accident

There are many possible causes for a train accident or railroad crossing accident. Determining what caused your accident is a necessary step in determining who is responsible for the accident. Train accidents can be caused by damaged tracks, distracted or fatigued engineers, overweight cargo, or faulty emergency equipment. Railroad crossing collisions can occur because of crumbling infrastructure or broken warning systems like defective signals or gates. Other possibilities include crossing signs being obscured, objects protruding from the train, and engineers not sounding their horns when approaching a railroad crossing. In some cases, multiple factors contribute to the accident.

As the cause of your train accident becomes more complex, so does determining liability. Depending on the cause, the railroad company, the train engineer, a third party, or a combination may be found liable. Protect your legal rights to just compensation by speaking with our Texas train accident lawyers before settling with the train’s insurance company.

Speak with Our Train Accident Attorneys Today

The insurance company / companies of the liable party / parties do their best to avoid financial responsibility for train accidents or railroad crossing accidents. It is their job to minimize the cost for their client(s). Reach out to train accident lawyers at Toscano Law Firm after seeking medical attention and before speaking with any insurance company. Our legal team can help preserve evidence, investigate on your behalf, and best advise you through your claim or litigation. Prioritize your health and future financial solvency by having Toscano Law Firm handle your case.

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