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Parents send their children off to daycare with the expectation that they will be properly cared for and not put in harm’s way. While young children are more prone to bumps and bruises because of their underdeveloped motor skills, many accidents and injuries can still be prevented with proper supervision. Unfortunately, some daycares are too bogged down to effectively supervise or are untrained or unlicensed, leaving the children they care for vulnerable.

Potential Dangers at Daycare

Children become curious about the objects around them, even the ones that can cause them harm. This can include cleaning supplies, drugs, and small objects, putting them at risk for choking. Wet floors, unsecured furniture, unsafe playground equipment, defective toys, and open swimming pools can also cause serious injury. Choking, ingestion of toxins, falls, and other injuries can be attributed to lack of supervision. In other cases, caretakers physically or emotionally abuse the child left under their care.

How a Child Injury Attorney Can Help

A parent deserves to feel like their child is safe when left with a caregiver or daycare facility. If your child has been injured or neglected at a daycare, you may be able to file a personal injury claim on behalf of your child.

It is crucial to perform an investigation on behalf of your child to collect evidence and determine the cause of the injury or accident and who is liable. In Texas, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services oversees the licensing and operation of childcare facilities. Since all accidents that occur at daycare facilities should be reported to DFPS Child Care, they should already have a report of the accident and also be investigating the daycare facility / caregiver. If a report has not been filed with DFPS, this is included in evidence against the facility / caregiver. An investigation will also include details on the child to caregiver ratio, implementation of safety precautions, facility maintenance, enforcement of mandated state child care laws, and much more. If the injury or accident resulted in loss of life, this evidence can also be used in a wrongful death case.

Speak to Our Child Injury / Daycare Injury Lawyers Today

Parents are responsible for protecting their children. Daycares and their caregivers are responsible for your children when you entrust your child’s safety to them. If your child has been injured, let Toscano Law Firm fight for the compensation you and your family are owed. This can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and time off required to care for your injured child. Speak with our child injury lawyers today to learn more about your legal options and how Patrick Toscano will fight for you and your child.

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