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Fatigued driving is a public safety concern that can be difficult to identify. Fatigued driving encompasses more than just falling asleep at the wheel; it includes anyone that has not had sufficient sleep and has been driving at high speeds for a long period of time. In serious cases, driving while drowsy can be equally as detrimental as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you have been in a car accident and believe that a fatigued driver was involved, contact our Texas fatigued driver lawyers to learn about your legal options.

The Risks of Driving Drowsy

People often assume that fatigued driving is exclusive to truck drivers, but it can be perpetrated by any person behind the wheel. The Texas Department of Public Safety’s 2017 Texas Driver Handbook recommends that all drivers avoid driving more than eight hours per day due to the risk of “highway hypnosis” that brings about drowsiness and unawareness. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the majority of drivers in the U.S. admit to driving while tired, while a third of them have actually fallen asleep at the wheel. The National Sleep Foundation even asserts that a driver that has not slept in a full 24 hours is equivalent to someone driving with a blood alcohol content of .10. Remaining alert is imperative to being a responsible driver, and a lack of alertness is a major hazard to other vehicles on Texas roads.

Contact Our San Antonio Fatigued Driver Accident Attorneys

You may think that fatigued driving is difficult to prove because there is no physical test for it; however, there are many ways to obtain evidence. For example, drivers that are drowsy may be shift workers, truck drivers, people with sleep disorders, or people on prescription medication. The sooner your lawyers start an investigation into the accident, the better your chances are of proving your case. Schedule a free consultation with Patrick Toscano, driver fatigue accident lawyer, today to learn how we can help with your accident case.

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